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Infra-Red Inspection Services

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"The smart solve problems, Infra-Red avoids them"


INFRA-RED Inspections Services, Inc. (IRIS) offers consulting services of the highest quality and professionalism in the Field of Predictive Maintenance through the use of Infrared and Ultrasound Equipment.


Offer our clients clear, objective and easy to interpret information so that they can put into practice the repairs and changes that guide them in the way of being able to reach a safe operation, without unexpected stops and with the least possible deterioration of the equipment.

Welcome to Infra-Red Inspection Services!

Infra-Red Inspection Services, Inc. is the only consulting company in Puerto Rico, dedicated entirely for 20 years, to the analysis of systems, equipment and electrical, steam and mechanical components through the use of infrared and ultrasound equipment.

Our reports, with clear, precise and unique recommendations, for each case and each plant or installation in particular, are the result of the experience and knowledge of a certified staff at the highest levels, and offer a tool of Predictive Maintenance very valuable to the Maintenance engineer or supervisor.

Through the different pages and especially the Frequently Asked Questions page, you will get to know a little more about the pioneer company in this type of service in Puerto Rico and you will understand why we are still the most reliable, ethical and professional.

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