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INFRA-RED is the only consulting company in Puerto Rico, dedicated entirely, for 20 years, to the analysis of systems, equipment and electrical, steam and mechanical components through the use of infrared and ultrasound equipment. It was founded in 1984 by Mr. Ariel Alonso to fill a gap in the Predictive Maintenance services offered to industry and institutions in Puerto Rico.

In 2004 Infra-Red Inspection Services, Inc. is headed by Mr. Rafael Castro along with his team Mr. Jose Camacho, Mr. Angel Rodriguez, Mr. Walter Arce, Mr. Ricardo Castro and Mr. Rafael Duran as analysts. of Predictive Maintenance and Certified Thermographs, with extensive experience in the commercial and industrial area.

The combined experience of more than seventy (70) years of our team, in the area of ​​electrical testing and thermography, provides Infra-Red with the opportunity to offer the best quality and professional service that every client deserves.

The information collected in each inspection along with the thermographs and ultrasound readings is combined with the experience of Mr. Rafael Castro as a consultant, Engineer and Certified Thermographer. The result is clear, objective, highly professional and independent reports, which are a very valuable tool for the engineers, supervisors and mechanics of the Maintenance Department, as well as for the Insurance Companies.

INFRA-RED currently has more than 200 satisfied customers throughout the Caribbean area, who trust year after year for their safety and the integrity of their systems based on the objectivity and professionalism that characterizes us.

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